Your photos in Mimdich

My Photo
In this section can create your avatar that will appear in your apartment in real size and the miniatures that will see of your profile. In the pagina “My photo” can load your photo puncturing in “examining” and after choosing it, will go out the tool of cut with a recuadro that can move and agrandar until it remain to your taste, to continuation punctures in accepting and already will have created your avatar.
IMPORTANT NOTE: they Have to be photos of you same. You do not load cartoons, nude or photos of bad taste since they will be deleted immediately.
photos album mimdich
After having gone up at least a photo already can create your first album in your apartment under the photo of profile. In main page of creates album can begin to add all the photos that want to in “Add more”, can choose the Normal way or way Flash.
The two options are very seemed to the hour to execute them, but with the difference that the Normal way can go up few photos of an alone time and the way Flash can go up more quantity and faster. For this have to puncture in “examining” and when you have the image that wish punctures in the button “accept”, to continuation will go out a small form so that you define the name, the description, location and previous sight so that you see the image that go to go up. The last step is “accept” or “delete” in the case that the image was not of your taste.


This is the way to add photos to your profile. Inside your apartment, in the zone of the centre, in the section Graffities, can choose the option “images” punctures in “examining” elije the photo that want to go up and afterwards punctures in continuing. It fills up the small form with the name and the description that want to put him. Once finished punctures in “submit” or “delete”.