What is Mimdich?

Mimdich Is an On-line City created so that his members can relate of the most seemed form to as they would do it in his daily life. Founded to finals of the year 2008 already is a new concept of On-line Community, in which it facilitates the relation and communication between users of all the world, of a never seen way up to now. The basic idea of Mimdich is to understand the current reality of the modern society and offer to the user all the advantages of a half as it is Internet, but of a more useful way and direct. By this reason is an On-line City, where paginate your real life with your On-line life. It is an alternative to the Social Networks uniformeds and standardised that offer to the user relate unreal, that in the practice would not see. The human being is only, you are only and like this understand it in Mimdich.