Posting videos from Youtube in a graffiti

youtube logoSharing your favorite videos of Youtube at Mimdich is really easy. You can share them directly by posting a graffiti at your friend’s apartment in the online city of Mimdich or you can post it directly in your apartment so other Mimdichnianos can see it! There are two ways to do this:

One way, is to copy the URL (the link of the video) from the Youtube page you saw the video you like, paste it in your graffiti or a friends graffiti and click “Send graffiti”. In just a few seconds you will have that video in your apartment and anyone will be able to view it when clicking on it. Once you have it in your apartment you can also share it with other people.

The other way, is very similar to the first one, instead of copying the URL from Youtube, you can copy the code generated by Youtube. Underneath any Youtube video you have the option “share”. Copy this code and then paste it in your graffiti or any friend at Mimdich you would like to share your video with.