Learn how to login Mimdich

When you already are an user registered in Mimdich, can Go in to the On-line City from the main page through the field of text, in which you will have to enter your “email” and “password” (these data have to correspond with which used when you did your register). Next it click in “login now”. If your data are correct will access immediately to the City, in contrary case will go out a message informing you that the data entered are erroneous, correct them and goes back to click in “login now”. Also it is possible to access to Mimdich from the link that there is up to the right that puts “login”, will go out a window so that you enter your data of access, that does of a similar way to the field of text of the main page.
login now in mimdich
If you have forgotten your password of access, can request a new from the link that there is under the field of text to go in in the City, in which it puts “Forgot your password?“, it will go out a page so that you enter your email and the image of security (in the email that selected will send you a new password so that you access with her). Once inside the City can go back to change the password that send to your email, by another that result you easier to remember by you (do not facilitate this information to third since this data is private and personal).

When you have finished your session in Mimdich, do not forget to close your profile in “Logout” (up to the right) Because it is important to do this? As so that any another person can access to your profile, especially if you use a connection in computers shared as in a Cyber coffee, mates, your family, etc…

How to manage my account in Mimdich

Inside “My account” will be able to edit the data of your profile manage your contacts, private messages, applications of friendship and see the statistics of your activity inside the On-line City.
my account in mimdich
Edit Profile: you can edit the data that will appear on you in your apartment in the On-line City, as your name of user, your name, modify your password of access, country, date of birth, etc… what more information on you include more people will be able to interest in putting in contact with you. When you finalise it punctures in “Saving”, if all the data are correct will go out you a message in which it confirmed you that they have saved the changes successfully, of the contrary marked in red the data that need corrected.

Private messages: it is very similar to an inbox of a service of common email, but more reduced. Divided in two columns, to the left will have a list of the people with which have contacted some time and the list of aggregated friends in the On-line City.
You can select a contact to send him a private message from the on that there is at the side of the photo of user.

  • Inbox: they visualise the messages received, as well as the alerts of calls to the bell in your apartment.
  • Sent: the messages that have sent can them from here.
  • Trash:When you consider convenient can send your ancient messages to trash.
  • Compose: it writes name of the person to which want to send a private message and the subject. To continuation drafts the message in the picture of text down and punctures in “sending” or “cancel” when you have finalised.

Friend requests: here it is where save all the applications of friendship that have requested or have requested you and your decide if you accept them or no, marking the box at the side of each application and to continuation puncture in “accepting invitation” or “refuse invitation”.

Statistics: this information is concerning the number of users that visited you, blocked and the times that called to the bell or that called you.

Contact with your neighbours in Mimdich

contact with your friends in mimdich
To send private messages in mimdich, it is necessary to visit the apartment of the person to which want to it to him send. Once in the apartment will find a menu to the right, in the there are several options to go in in contact with your neighbours in the On-line City.

Speak by Chat: here you will be able to send instantaneous messages from the first option of the menu where says “Chat” and presses intro, next will open a new eyelash in the inferior menu to continue with the conversation (the Chat saves the messages although the user no this on-line, and the conversation remains recorded for other sessions always and when it do not close the eyelash). In the moment that send a message through the Chat, during the conversation, the eyelash of the inferior menu blinked in colour orange to warn that it has arrived a new message.

Speak by Messenger: to access to a convesación in the Messenger is necessary that the person with which want to speak this On-line. This can do directly from a talk from the Chat puncturing in “going to VideoMessenger”, immediately will open a new window to continue with the conversation by Messenger. Another way to speak by the Messenger is directly from the apartment of the users that find on-line in this moment, for this when the user this on-line, in his apartment activates immediately the option to “Chat Now” in colour red in the same menu of the right inside the apartment.

Send Private Message: you can send private messages with text, image, smiles, links, etc… This option is very recommended to contact with users that are not On-line in this moment.

Add Friend: Click here send a friend request to the person you are visiting at the time, then leave one of the following messages “Guest user to your buddy list”, “Your friend request is still pending confirmation” or “This user is already in your list of friends!”. This serves as a reminder if you already requested or not the friendship of that particular person. When applying Mimdich friendships increase your network of contacts on the Internet for free and you can ask all you want boys and girls, the more friends you have in the City Online will be more relevant your profile.

Call to the Bell: east the way to send an alert to your neighbours so that they know that you have gone through his apartment to visit them, administer them well because only it allows send 5 each day, already was to the same person or to distinct people, since every time that flames to the bell of an apartment in mimdich, sends a notification to the personal post and the abuse of the calls to the bell can arrive to be annoying, by this reason his use this restricted.

Report Spam: when you see a bad behaviour by part of some member of the On-line City, like insults, photos of bad taste, sending of spam, etc… puncturing in this option from his apartment sent a notification to the team of Mimdich that will take the timely measures with said user by his bad behaviour inside the City, remembers that Mimdich has been created so that his members amuse and benefit of the tools for the communication that puts to his disposal and no so that they give him an undue use or to be missing the respect to other members.

Block: in the case that want to cut the communication with some user by the reason that believe convenient, the option block will not allow him that it go in in contact with you of any of the possible forms inside the On-line City. Only you will be able to go back to allow that it can contact with you through Mimdich if in your “contacts” inside “My account” if you delete to this user of your list of people blocked.

Mimdich Magazine, the magazine of your On-line City

Mimdich Magazine Is the magazine of your on-line city in which the protagonist are you and your friends. Why? Because in her you will be to the day of all what sucede in the city, that is to say, the visits that do between your friends, who to gone up a new photo, edited his apartment, requested a new friendship, comments a photo, etc… this is very fun because sucede in real time. In a principle in this application will not be able to see at all, since it is necessary to have a network of friends in the city. A good idea is to go to “Find People” and request his friendship.
your magazine in mimdich

How to invite my friends to enter Mimdich

You can invite to your friends to that they form part of your On-line City, is very easy and fast. Under the upper menu that there is in the right, this the option “add friends”. When puncturing will open a page in which it will ask you that you enter your email, password of the same and that choose a service where have to your aggregated friends, that can be your post or other social networks as for example: msn, gmail, yahoo, badoo, twitter, facebook, etc..
inviter my friends
It remembers: Your email and the password only uses so that the application can access to your list of aggregated contacts and can show so that you choose to the friends that want to send an invitation. Immediately after said sending these data are deleted, Mimdich does not store this type of information of his users, with which every time that you want to invite to your friends will have to enter the data again.

Once you have entered the data punctures in “mattering” and will appear your list of contacts in which you can choose that contact want to invite to Mimdich. Once you have finished it punctures in “add friends to mimdich” that found it under the list of your contacts.

The new tool of Graffities in Mimdich

Leave your graffities in Mimdich, is the form to say and share all what want to with your network of friends in the city, already was in your own apartment or in the one of the other.

There are several forms to leave your graffities. In the central zone of your apartment finds the picture of text in which you can write without limit of characters, but remembers, that is easier and practical read average paragraphs that big paragraphs, can do it writing directly and when you finish presses “to send graffiti”. You can delete the graffities that do not like you in “remove graffiti” or in a “x” that there is to the right of each graffiti.
your graffities in mimdich
Leave links in the graffitis is simple and very useful to share your activity in the network, for this selects the option “Link”, adds the url that want to go up and punctures in “send graffiti”. You can send those that link want to.

Also you can leave images in the graffities. It selects “Images”, punctures in “examining” elije the photo that want to go up and afterwards punctures in continuing. It fills up the small form with the name and the description that want to put him. Once finished punctures in “submit” or “delete”.

Other options that have in this section, is to visualise all the graffities of your apartment selecting “display graffities”.

  • Everything: they visualise all the Graffities.
  • Mine: they visualise the Graffities that have left you.
  • From others: they visualise the Graffities that have left the other users.

Your photos in Mimdich

My Photo
In this section can create your avatar that will appear in your apartment in real size and the miniatures that will see of your profile. In the pagina “My photo” can load your photo puncturing in “examining” and after choosing it, will go out the tool of cut with a recuadro that can move and agrandar until it remain to your taste, to continuation punctures in accepting and already will have created your avatar.
IMPORTANT NOTE: they Have to be photos of you same. You do not load cartoons, nude or photos of bad taste since they will be deleted immediately.
photos album mimdich
After having gone up at least a photo already can create your first album in your apartment under the photo of profile. In main page of creates album can begin to add all the photos that want to in “Add more”, can choose the Normal way or way Flash.
The two options are very seemed to the hour to execute them, but with the difference that the Normal way can go up few photos of an alone time and the way Flash can go up more quantity and faster. For this have to puncture in “examining” and when you have the image that wish punctures in the button “accept”, to continuation will go out a small form so that you define the name, the description, location and previous sight so that you see the image that go to go up. The last step is “accept” or “delete” in the case that the image was not of your taste.


This is the way to add photos to your profile. Inside your apartment, in the zone of the centre, in the section Graffities, can choose the option “images” punctures in “examining” elije the photo that want to go up and afterwards punctures in continuing. It fills up the small form with the name and the description that want to put him. Once finished punctures in “submit” or “delete”.

How to get your own apartment in Mimdich

Mimdich is the first On-line City that exists and like such has with a lot of similarities with an authentic city. For example your own ciber-apartment that has a lot of utilities that go you to explain to continuation.

Your apartment in mimdich is your profile publish, that is to say the zone in which the other users will put you visit, speak by the instantaneous chat, by videomessenger, send a post, request your friendship, call to the bell, inform of undue use and block, of the same way podras do you in the apartments of your neighbours.

Write Graffitis, that it is this? They are the comments that can leave in your apartment or in the one of the other users, and can be alone text, images and links to share with your friends all your activity in the network.

In your apartment also can create your albumes of photos and organise them as you want to so much by the quantity of photos that wish to hang as by the privacy.

Customise your apartment is very fun since you can choose the thematic that more adjust to your tastes and preferences, there are several models to choose and can change them whenever you want to.

The vote of the apartment is very important because this increases your populariadad in the city and more people will be able to contact with you and vice versa.

How to create a profile in Mimdich

To turn into you mimdichniano and empazar to enjoy of all the advantages that offers you your On-line City, only have to create your free profile. For this fills up the form with your data, is very kuick and simple.
reat your profile mimdich
Name of User: Is the name by which you know inside the city, choose the one you like and with whom you feel identified.

Email: This data is the most important of the form because your email together with the password that choose will be the necessary data to be able to access to the On-line City once created the your profile.

Sex: Indentificate like boy or girl.

Password and Repeat Password: Chose a password that result you facil to remember but at the same time that it contain a minimum of 5 caractéres and a maximum of 16 and can contain numbers and letters. When you have it repeat it for comfirmar that is correct.

Country: It Selects in the list despleglable the pais where live.

Date of Birth: Select your date of birth, remembers that the minimum age to be user in Mimdich is of 18 years.

City: It Writes the name of the city where live.

Security code : It Enters the code that see in the imagén, so that it serves this? To prevent the access to Robots and Spam inside the city.

I have read, and I accept to terms of use: When marking this box accept that you have readed and these in accordance with the instructions for use of Mimdich.

!Join you now! With this last step, if all the data entered are correct the profile will have created successfully, in the contrary case the fields with errors mark in red so that you correct them. Once reviwid already can create your profile.

The following step is to create your Avatar, that is the main photo of your profile and the one who will see the other users. It remembers that the main photo has to be photos of tí same. You do not load cartoons, nude or photos of bad taste since they will be deleted immediately.
avatar photo mimdich
To finalise when you have loaded your photo, uses the tool of cut to adjust it to your taste and selects “to Add photo”.
Congratulations!! Already you are mimdichnian, get comfortable in your new apartment and decorate to your taste.
create your photo mimdich

What is Mimdich?

Mimdich Is an On-line City created so that his members can relate of the most seemed form to as they would do it in his daily life. Founded to finals of the year 2008 already is a new concept of On-line Community, in which it facilitates the relation and communication between users of all the world, of a never seen way up to now. The basic idea of Mimdich is to understand the current reality of the modern society and offer to the user all the advantages of a half as it is Internet, but of a more useful way and direct. By this reason is an On-line City, where paginate your real life with your On-line life. It is an alternative to the Social Networks uniformeds and standardised that offer to the user relate unreal, that in the practice would not see. The human being is only, you are only and like this understand it in Mimdich.