How to manage my account in Mimdich

Inside “My account” will be able to edit the data of your profile manage your contacts, private messages, applications of friendship and see the statistics of your activity inside the On-line City.
my account in mimdich
Edit Profile: you can edit the data that will appear on you in your apartment in the On-line City, as your name of user, your name, modify your password of access, country, date of birth, etc… what more information on you include more people will be able to interest in putting in contact with you. When you finalise it punctures in “Saving”, if all the data are correct will go out you a message in which it confirmed you that they have saved the changes successfully, of the contrary marked in red the data that need corrected.

Private messages: it is very similar to an inbox of a service of common email, but more reduced. Divided in two columns, to the left will have a list of the people with which have contacted some time and the list of aggregated friends in the On-line City.
You can select a contact to send him a private message from the on that there is at the side of the photo of user.

  • Inbox: they visualise the messages received, as well as the alerts of calls to the bell in your apartment.
  • Sent: the messages that have sent can them from here.
  • Trash:When you consider convenient can send your ancient messages to trash.
  • Compose: it writes name of the person to which want to send a private message and the subject. To continuation drafts the message in the picture of text down and punctures in “sending” or “cancel” when you have finalised.

Friend requests: here it is where save all the applications of friendship that have requested or have requested you and your decide if you accept them or no, marking the box at the side of each application and to continuation puncture in “accepting invitation” or “refuse invitation”.

Statistics: this information is concerning the number of users that visited you, blocked and the times that called to the bell or that called you.