How to invite my friends to enter Mimdich

You can invite to your friends to that they form part of your On-line City, is very easy and fast. Under the upper menu that there is in the right, this the option “add friends”. When puncturing will open a page in which it will ask you that you enter your email, password of the same and that choose a service where have to your aggregated friends, that can be your post or other social networks as for example: msn, gmail, yahoo, badoo, twitter, facebook, etc..
inviter my friends
It remembers: Your email and the password only uses so that the application can access to your list of aggregated contacts and can show so that you choose to the friends that want to send an invitation. Immediately after said sending these data are deleted, Mimdich does not store this type of information of his users, with which every time that you want to invite to your friends will have to enter the data again.

Once you have entered the data punctures in “mattering” and will appear your list of contacts in which you can choose that contact want to invite to Mimdich. Once you have finished it punctures in “add friends to mimdich” that found it under the list of your contacts.