How to chat with new friends at Mimdich

Chat with photoAt Mimdich you can meet people from other countries or even from your own town in a very simple and fast way. You only have to click on the main menu, in the icon of “people”, where you can seach for boys, girls, new users, words, etc. After that you will be able to see all the thousands of Mimdichniers available in the city!

Each Mimdichnier owes his own apartment, who you can visit as many times as you desire! In his or her apartment you can request to become friends, make graffiti with some text, image or Youtube video, ring their bell, rank their apartment and even make a gift. Once you become friends you can interact with your new Mimdichnier colleague with a chat or video chat.

If you want to chat, the only condition is to have a picture in your profile, at Mimdich we want all our users to know who they are speaking to, that is one of the values at Mimdich. If you don’t want to upload a picture, you can still navigate in the city of Mimdich but with some limitations, you will still be able to make friend requests but you won’t be able to chat with them. Another option to chat without a profile picture is to become one of the “privileged citizen” at Mimdich.

Once you have chosen your best option, you can start interacting with the thousands of neighbors at your online city, visiting your favorite apartments and on top of the profile picture of your friend you will find the option “chat now!”.