The new tool of Graffities in Mimdich

Leave your graffities in Mimdich, is the form to say and share all what want to with your network of friends in the city, already was in your own apartment or in the one of the other.

There are several forms to leave your graffities. In the central zone of your apartment finds the picture of text in which you can write without limit of characters, but remembers, that is easier and practical read average paragraphs that big paragraphs, can do it writing directly and when you finish presses “to send graffiti”. You can delete the graffities that do not like you in “remove graffiti” or in a “x” that there is to the right of each graffiti.
your graffities in mimdich
Leave links in the graffitis is simple and very useful to share your activity in the network, for this selects the option “Link”, adds the url that want to go up and punctures in “send graffiti”. You can send those that link want to.

Also you can leave images in the graffities. It selects “Images”, punctures in “examining” elije the photo that want to go up and afterwards punctures in continuing. It fills up the small form with the name and the description that want to put him. Once finished punctures in “submit” or “delete”.

Other options that have in this section, is to visualise all the graffities of your apartment selecting “display graffities”.

  • Everything: they visualise all the Graffities.
  • Mine: they visualise the Graffities that have left you.
  • From others: they visualise the Graffities that have left the other users.