First snowing day in Mimdich

Early Snow on MimdichThe first snows have come to the Online City. This morning we woke up with a pretty picture, in Mimdich’s snowing!
We live in a city full of life and as such, has its own schedule and its own climate, where the dawn, dusk, it’s sunny, raining or snowing. In this city every day is different, since the change in weather occurs randomly, with the exception of day and night that happens every day like in any other cities.
There are many people in the world that has tried to put the city on the map, taking into account when it is day, night and above all putting this in relation to their own climate and we must say that has not been able to locate correctly. Maybe you could do …
Do not forget your gloves and earmuffs that as winter came and it is the best time to meet people with whom to share unforgettable experiences.