Enjoy Mimdich with your Mobile phone or tablet

Do you know what? At Mimdich.com you will find responsive design technology so your user experience in your computer, tablet and/or smartphone is always maximized! Are you curious about what this means?
Responsive design is the technology that makes one single site adapt to the size of your device. This way, you will see a different layout if you connect through a Smartphone, Tablet, laptop, computer o SmartTV. But always you will see the most relevant content first!
As you have might realized, this improves your experience at Mimdich if you want to keep connected at the park, swimmingpool, shopping Mall, holidays, or whetever you decide to log into your online city!
How can I connect through my Mobile phone or table?
Go into your devices browser and add Mimdich.com into one of your favorites list. No matter which device you are using, the city of Mimdich adapts to all of them, allowing you in a very simple way to surf around your apartment, friendĀ“s apartment, etc. Take your friends with you without having to download an App.
responsive design