Contact with your neighbours in Mimdich

contact with your friends in mimdich
To send private messages in mimdich, it is necessary to visit the apartment of the person to which want to it to him send. Once in the apartment will find a menu to the right, in the there are several options to go in in contact with your neighbours in the On-line City.

Speak by Chat: here you will be able to send instantaneous messages from the first option of the menu where says “Chat” and presses intro, next will open a new eyelash in the inferior menu to continue with the conversation (the Chat saves the messages although the user no this on-line, and the conversation remains recorded for other sessions always and when it do not close the eyelash). In the moment that send a message through the Chat, during the conversation, the eyelash of the inferior menu blinked in colour orange to warn that it has arrived a new message.

Speak by Messenger: to access to a convesación in the Messenger is necessary that the person with which want to speak this On-line. This can do directly from a talk from the Chat puncturing in “going to VideoMessenger”, immediately will open a new window to continue with the conversation by Messenger. Another way to speak by the Messenger is directly from the apartment of the users that find on-line in this moment, for this when the user this on-line, in his apartment activates immediately the option to “Chat Now” in colour red in the same menu of the right inside the apartment.

Send Private Message: you can send private messages with text, image, smiles, links, etc… This option is very recommended to contact with users that are not On-line in this moment.

Add Friend: Click here send a friend request to the person you are visiting at the time, then leave one of the following messages “Guest user to your buddy list”, “Your friend request is still pending confirmation” or “This user is already in your list of friends!”. This serves as a reminder if you already requested or not the friendship of that particular person. When applying Mimdich friendships increase your network of contacts on the Internet for free and you can ask all you want boys and girls, the more friends you have in the City Online will be more relevant your profile.

Call to the Bell: east the way to send an alert to your neighbours so that they know that you have gone through his apartment to visit them, administer them well because only it allows send 5 each day, already was to the same person or to distinct people, since every time that flames to the bell of an apartment in mimdich, sends a notification to the personal post and the abuse of the calls to the bell can arrive to be annoying, by this reason his use this restricted.

Report Spam: when you see a bad behaviour by part of some member of the On-line City, like insults, photos of bad taste, sending of spam, etc… puncturing in this option from his apartment sent a notification to the team of Mimdich that will take the timely measures with said user by his bad behaviour inside the City, remembers that Mimdich has been created so that his members amuse and benefit of the tools for the communication that puts to his disposal and no so that they give him an undue use or to be missing the respect to other members.

Block: in the case that want to cut the communication with some user by the reason that believe convenient, the option block will not allow him that it go in in contact with you of any of the possible forms inside the On-line City. Only you will be able to go back to allow that it can contact with you through Mimdich if in your “contacts” inside “My account” if you delete to this user of your list of people blocked.