Mimdich team wish you merry Christmas!

Mimdich you wish merry christmasFrom Mimdich operations centre, the staff would wish to all the Mimdichniers a Merry Christmas 2013 and we hope that all the dreams you’ve had this year have been met. And but it has happened, we have another great opportunity to wish new illusions for the coming new year… We hope you’ve been good and have many gifts under the tree.

Merry Christmas 2013.

The Mimdich’s Team.

U.S people on Mimdich. New neighbours from U.S

Mimdichniers on USAMimdich expands its frontiers to welcome a big number of neighbors from United States of America. More and more Americans decide to move our City Online to live. We appreciate your trust participation in online virtual project.

The new American neighbors come from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Phoenix and San Jose. Everyday that passes new American neighbors Mimdich added, Thank you all!

If you are not yet a mimdichiano, all you have to do is complete the free registration questionnaire. Immediately you can get access to your new apartment in Mimdich. So what are you waiting for?

Merry Christmas Mimdichniers

A year from Mimdich we want to wish a Merry Christmas and thank you for the confidence you show us every day and thanks to all we are creating the biggest city on the Internet. Thanks and happy holidays!Christmas Mimdich

First snowing day in Mimdich

Early Snow on MimdichThe first snows have come to the Online City. This morning we woke up with a pretty picture, in Mimdich’s snowing!
We live in a city full of life and as such, has its own schedule and its own climate, where the dawn, dusk, it’s sunny, raining or snowing. In this city every day is different, since the change in weather occurs randomly, with the exception of day and night that happens every day like in any other cities.
There are many people in the world that has tried to put the city on the map, taking into account when it is day, night and above all putting this in relation to their own climate and we must say that has not been able to locate correctly. Maybe you could do …
Do not forget your gloves and earmuffs that as winter came and it is the best time to meet people with whom to share unforgettable experiences.

Meeting thousands of on-line friends

meet a new friendsIn Mimdich there are thousands of users of all the world expecting to know you and speak by the Mimdich-Messenger. For this the best is to have your complete profile so that they can know the one who are, where live, those that years have, are your fans, etc… (these data can add them or modify in “My account” inside the On-line City) as well as yours photos, of your friends or of want to it but as long as these photos are in your albums and no in your main photo that has to be a real yours photo (to know more on as manage your main photo in Mimdich looks here). With this information, your profile will be more striking for the other users and therefore it will be more likely that want to know you and be your fellow/to.

This on the one hand, but if in the case that your want to do more fellow on-line, is so simple like going in in the On-line City and visit to your cyber neighbouring to request his friendship, call him to the bell, leave him a comment… between other a lot of more, but with these three options went in in contact with them/ace faster since it arrived him a warning in his email to know that these interested/to in contacting with this person. It remembers that those that more applications of friendship send, more probabilities will have to have thousands of on-line friends. You do not expect more, there are a lot of people in Mimdich wishing know you.

Learn how to login Mimdich

When you already are an user registered in Mimdich, can Go in to the On-line City from the main page through the field of text, in which you will have to enter your “email” and “password” (these data have to correspond with which used when you did your register). Next it click in “login now”. If your data are correct will access immediately to the City, in contrary case will go out a message informing you that the data entered are erroneous, correct them and goes back to click in “login now”. Also it is possible to access to Mimdich from the link that there is up to the right that puts “login”, will go out a window so that you enter your data of access, that does of a similar way to the field of text of the main page.
login now in mimdich
If you have forgotten your password of access, can request a new from the link that there is under the field of text to go in in the City, in which it puts “Forgot your password?“, it will go out a page so that you enter your email and the image of security (in the email that selected will send you a new password so that you access with her). Once inside the City can go back to change the password that send to your email, by another that result you easier to remember by you (do not facilitate this information to third since this data is private and personal).

When you have finished your session in Mimdich, do not forget to close your profile in “Logout” (up to the right) Because it is important to do this? As so that any another person can access to your profile, especially if you use a connection in computers shared as in a Cyber coffee, mates, your family, etc…

How to manage my account in Mimdich

Inside “My account” will be able to edit the data of your profile manage your contacts, private messages, applications of friendship and see the statistics of your activity inside the On-line City.
my account in mimdich
Edit Profile: you can edit the data that will appear on you in your apartment in the On-line City, as your name of user, your name, modify your password of access, country, date of birth, etc… what more information on you include more people will be able to interest in putting in contact with you. When you finalise it punctures in “Saving”, if all the data are correct will go out you a message in which it confirmed you that they have saved the changes successfully, of the contrary marked in red the data that need corrected.

Private messages: it is very similar to an inbox of a service of common email, but more reduced. Divided in two columns, to the left will have a list of the people with which have contacted some time and the list of aggregated friends in the On-line City.
You can select a contact to send him a private message from the on that there is at the side of the photo of user.

  • Inbox: they visualise the messages received, as well as the alerts of calls to the bell in your apartment.
  • Sent: the messages that have sent can them from here.
  • Trash:When you consider convenient can send your ancient messages to trash.
  • Compose: it writes name of the person to which want to send a private message and the subject. To continuation drafts the message in the picture of text down and punctures in “sending” or “cancel” when you have finalised.

Friend requests: here it is where save all the applications of friendship that have requested or have requested you and your decide if you accept them or no, marking the box at the side of each application and to continuation puncture in “accepting invitation” or “refuse invitation”.

Statistics: this information is concerning the number of users that visited you, blocked and the times that called to the bell or that called you.

Contact with your neighbours in Mimdich

contact with your friends in mimdich
To send private messages in mimdich, it is necessary to visit the apartment of the person to which want to it to him send. Once in the apartment will find a menu to the right, in the there are several options to go in in contact with your neighbours in the On-line City.

Speak by Chat: here you will be able to send instantaneous messages from the first option of the menu where says “Chat” and presses intro, next will open a new eyelash in the inferior menu to continue with the conversation (the Chat saves the messages although the user no this on-line, and the conversation remains recorded for other sessions always and when it do not close the eyelash). In the moment that send a message through the Chat, during the conversation, the eyelash of the inferior menu blinked in colour orange to warn that it has arrived a new message.

Speak by Messenger: to access to a convesación in the Messenger is necessary that the person with which want to speak this On-line. This can do directly from a talk from the Chat puncturing in “going to VideoMessenger”, immediately will open a new window to continue with the conversation by Messenger. Another way to speak by the Messenger is directly from the apartment of the users that find on-line in this moment, for this when the user this on-line, in his apartment activates immediately the option to “Chat Now” in colour red in the same menu of the right inside the apartment.

Send Private Message: you can send private messages with text, image, smiles, links, etc… This option is very recommended to contact with users that are not On-line in this moment.

Add Friend: Click here send a friend request to the person you are visiting at the time, then leave one of the following messages “Guest user to your buddy list”, “Your friend request is still pending confirmation” or “This user is already in your list of friends!”. This serves as a reminder if you already requested or not the friendship of that particular person. When applying Mimdich friendships increase your network of contacts on the Internet for free and you can ask all you want boys and girls, the more friends you have in the City Online will be more relevant your profile.

Call to the Bell: east the way to send an alert to your neighbours so that they know that you have gone through his apartment to visit them, administer them well because only it allows send 5 each day, already was to the same person or to distinct people, since every time that flames to the bell of an apartment in mimdich, sends a notification to the personal post and the abuse of the calls to the bell can arrive to be annoying, by this reason his use this restricted.

Report Spam: when you see a bad behaviour by part of some member of the On-line City, like insults, photos of bad taste, sending of spam, etc… puncturing in this option from his apartment sent a notification to the team of Mimdich that will take the timely measures with said user by his bad behaviour inside the City, remembers that Mimdich has been created so that his members amuse and benefit of the tools for the communication that puts to his disposal and no so that they give him an undue use or to be missing the respect to other members.

Block: in the case that want to cut the communication with some user by the reason that believe convenient, the option block will not allow him that it go in in contact with you of any of the possible forms inside the On-line City. Only you will be able to go back to allow that it can contact with you through Mimdich if in your “contacts” inside “My account” if you delete to this user of your list of people blocked.

Mimdich Magazine, the magazine of your On-line City

Mimdich Magazine Is the magazine of your on-line city in which the protagonist are you and your friends. Why? Because in her you will be to the day of all what sucede in the city, that is to say, the visits that do between your friends, who to gone up a new photo, edited his apartment, requested a new friendship, comments a photo, etc… this is very fun because sucede in real time. In a principle in this application will not be able to see at all, since it is necessary to have a network of friends in the city. A good idea is to go to “Find People” and request his friendship.
your magazine in mimdich