Mimdich team wish you merry Christmas!

Mimdich you wish merry christmasFrom Mimdich operations centre, the staff would wish to all the Mimdichniers a Merry Christmas 2013 and we hope that all the dreams you’ve had this year have been met. And but it has happened, we have another great opportunity to wish new illusions for the coming new year… We hope you’ve been good and have many gifts under the tree.

Merry Christmas 2013.

The Mimdich’s Team.

U.S people on Mimdich. New neighbours from U.S

Mimdichniers on USAMimdich expands its frontiers to welcome a big number of neighbors from United States of America. More and more Americans decide to move our City Online to live. We appreciate your trust participation in online virtual project.

The new American neighbors come from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Phoenix and San Jose. Everyday that passes new American neighbors Mimdich added, Thank you all!

If you are not yet a mimdichiano, all you have to do is complete the free registration questionnaire. Immediately you can get access to your new apartment in Mimdich. So what are you waiting for?

Give a gift to a Mimdichnier!

Gifts for friends MimdichDo you know you can give fantastic gifts to any of your friends at the online city of Mimdich? Be the first of your friends and surprise one of your best neighbours at Mimdich with one of the exclusive virtual gifts. It’s very easy to do and you will definitely thrill your friends by making their apartment cosier and more appealing.
Show your friends how much you know about them and give them something you think they will like, or let your friends know more about you by giving them something that you like! Gifts vary a lot from romantic presents like roses or hart balloons to holiday souvenirs or pets.
To make your first gift, first you will have to have credits in your account. If you don´t have any, click over the coin icon next to your name on the top right corner of the screen. You can charge credits with different payment methods such as PayPal, Zong, Neosurf, Wallie-card, DaoDay and via SMS. All of them are very safe and follow the same standards as the most popular ecommerce sites!
Once you choose how many credits you want to charge (you can choose from 500 Credits to 10.000 Credits) you will already have virtual currency in your account and you can make many gifts to your favorite Mimdichniers.
To make your first gift, visit the apartment of the lucky Mimdichnier and on the top right corner of his or her apartment, click over “Make a gift” and all the different items will pop-up so you can choose the one you like the most!

Enjoy Mimdich with your Mobile phone or tablet

Do you know what? At Mimdich.com you will find responsive design technology so your user experience in your computer, tablet and/or smartphone is always maximized! Are you curious about what this means?
Responsive design is the technology that makes one single site adapt to the size of your device. This way, you will see a different layout if you connect through a Smartphone, Tablet, laptop, computer o SmartTV. But always you will see the most relevant content first!
As you have might realized, this improves your experience at Mimdich if you want to keep connected at the park, swimmingpool, shopping Mall, holidays, or whetever you decide to log into your online city!
How can I connect through my Mobile phone or table?
Go into your devices browser and add Mimdich.com into one of your favorites list. No matter which device you are using, the city of Mimdich adapts to all of them, allowing you in a very simple way to surf around your apartment, friend´s apartment, etc. Take your friends with you without having to download an App.
responsive design

Posting videos from Youtube in a graffiti

youtube logoSharing your favorite videos of Youtube at Mimdich is really easy. You can share them directly by posting a graffiti at your friend’s apartment in the online city of Mimdich or you can post it directly in your apartment so other Mimdichnianos can see it! There are two ways to do this:

One way, is to copy the URL (the link of the video) from the Youtube page you saw the video you like, paste it in your graffiti or a friends graffiti and click “Send graffiti”. In just a few seconds you will have that video in your apartment and anyone will be able to view it when clicking on it. Once you have it in your apartment you can also share it with other people.

The other way, is very similar to the first one, instead of copying the URL from Youtube, you can copy the code generated by Youtube. Underneath any Youtube video you have the option “share”. Copy this code and then paste it in your graffiti or any friend at Mimdich you would like to share your video with.

How to chat with new friends at Mimdich

Chat with photoAt Mimdich you can meet people from other countries or even from your own town in a very simple and fast way. You only have to click on the main menu, in the icon of “people”, where you can seach for boys, girls, new users, words, etc. After that you will be able to see all the thousands of Mimdichniers available in the city!

Each Mimdichnier owes his own apartment, who you can visit as many times as you desire! In his or her apartment you can request to become friends, make graffiti with some text, image or Youtube video, ring their bell, rank their apartment and even make a gift. Once you become friends you can interact with your new Mimdichnier colleague with a chat or video chat.

If you want to chat, the only condition is to have a picture in your profile, at Mimdich we want all our users to know who they are speaking to, that is one of the values at Mimdich. If you don’t want to upload a picture, you can still navigate in the city of Mimdich but with some limitations, you will still be able to make friend requests but you won’t be able to chat with them. Another option to chat without a profile picture is to become one of the “privileged citizen” at Mimdich.

Once you have chosen your best option, you can start interacting with the thousands of neighbors at your online city, visiting your favorite apartments and on top of the profile picture of your friend you will find the option “chat now!”.

Merry Christmas Mimdichniers

A year from Mimdich we want to wish a Merry Christmas and thank you for the confidence you show us every day and thanks to all we are creating the biggest city on the Internet. Thanks and happy holidays!Christmas Mimdich

First snowing day in Mimdich

Early Snow on MimdichThe first snows have come to the Online City. This morning we woke up with a pretty picture, in Mimdich’s snowing!
We live in a city full of life and as such, has its own schedule and its own climate, where the dawn, dusk, it’s sunny, raining or snowing. In this city every day is different, since the change in weather occurs randomly, with the exception of day and night that happens every day like in any other cities.
There are many people in the world that has tried to put the city on the map, taking into account when it is day, night and above all putting this in relation to their own climate and we must say that has not been able to locate correctly. Maybe you could do …
Do not forget your gloves and earmuffs that as winter came and it is the best time to meet people with whom to share unforgettable experiences.

Meeting thousands of on-line friends

meet a new friendsIn Mimdich there are thousands of users of all the world expecting to know you and speak by the Mimdich-Messenger. For this the best is to have your complete profile so that they can know the one who are, where live, those that years have, are your fans, etc… (these data can add them or modify in “My account” inside the On-line City) as well as yours photos, of your friends or of want to it but as long as these photos are in your albums and no in your main photo that has to be a real yours photo (to know more on as manage your main photo in Mimdich looks here). With this information, your profile will be more striking for the other users and therefore it will be more likely that want to know you and be your fellow/to.

This on the one hand, but if in the case that your want to do more fellow on-line, is so simple like going in in the On-line City and visit to your cyber neighbouring to request his friendship, call him to the bell, leave him a comment… between other a lot of more, but with these three options went in in contact with them/ace faster since it arrived him a warning in his email to know that these interested/to in contacting with this person. It remembers that those that more applications of friendship send, more probabilities will have to have thousands of on-line friends. You do not expect more, there are a lot of people in Mimdich wishing know you.